Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

Compass (Image taken by Wikimedia user: Bios)

Researching new methods and options to create a reliable inertial navigation system at an affordable price.


GPS interruptions can disrupt accurate navigation in the air. To mitigate these disruptions, aircraft often include Inertial Navigation Systems (INSs) that use heading and air data in tandem with the last known GPS position to predict location.

Graph of INS concept

Archangel's role

The concept of an INS is not new. For example, Honeywell's EGI product relies completely on these concepts to give US Military aircraft navigation capabilities in the event of GPS failure, but it does so at a high price per unit.

Although current INS systems work well, Archangel sees the potential for more research to further enhance the way INS systems work by exploring different algorithms and their effect on precision. Ideally, Archangel hopes to find a way to make a reliable INS product at an affordable price point by combining these new algorithms with its existing IP.

More information

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