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University of Idaho adminstrative building. Photo by David L. Harlan.

University of Idaho

Inertial measurement units are essential to the navigation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), but they are often too expensive for use in these small unmanned vessels. Archangel provided the University of Idaho with an inexpensive IMU that performed underwater for their research into decentralized control of multiple AUVs.

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Simple image of a vehicle's center of gravity

Continuous Estimation of Center-of-gravity Location (CECL)

As a vehicle's center of gravity moves higher, its likelihood of rolling over also increases. Since rollover is such a significant cause of inventory and personnel losses, Archangel is investigating methods of using a dynamic, continuous estimation of vehicle's center-of-gravity location to reduce its risk of rolling over and improve its overall longevity.

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Compass (Image taken by Wikimedia user: Bios)

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

GPS can be a vital component for aeronautical navigation, but it isn't perfect. When GPS signals are lost, pilots need a back-up plan to safely reach their destinations. As a solution, the air data computer can use algorithms to blend data from various inertial sensors to approximate an aircraft's location. Read more to see how Archangel is contributing to this research.

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Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System Annular Rotating Sensor (MARS)

Originating from an SBIR and then a DARPA-funded contract, the MARS project is working to create the market's smallest, most effective IMU yet. Using tiny MEMS-based rotors levitated in a vacuum, MARS can accurately measure in five degrees of freedom while simultaneously conserving the space required by traditional IMUs.

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