Vehicle Predictive Rollover System


Vehicle rollover costs lives and inventory. Reduce your risk with V-PRO, a comprehensive predictive rollover system that alerts the driver and crew to potential rollover situations so they can react appropriately.

Product overview

To mitigate rollover risk and its associated losses, Archangel Systems offers V-PRO, a comprehensive predictive rollover system. V-PRO continuously monitors vehicle dynamics to project the vehicle orientation and trajectory forward in time. From that data, modeling algorithms are then used to compute future rollover risk. When a risk condition is identified, the Display Annunciator Unit (available in two options: the On-dash DAU and In-dash DAU) alerts the crew with early warning visual and auditory alarms.

V-PRO has been field tested and is now standard equipment on the Protector II Medium Tactical Vehicle manufactured by Mobile Armored Vehicles.


  • Simple two-box solution including a remote-mounted Sensor Predictor Unit (SPU) and a dashboard-mounted Display Announcer Unit (DAU)
  • Embeddable inertial sensors measure vehicle movement and rotations in all axes
  • Multiple independent algorithms continuously examine all potential rollover scenarios
  • Preloaded model parameters for multiple vehicle variants
  • Single supply voltage (24 V nominal)
  • NVG-compatible display with dimmer control
  • DO-160E heritage correlates to MIL-STD-810


The V-PRO system is exportable to most countries worldwide without an end-user statement.

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V-PRO On-dash DAU

Product inquiries

For inquiries about V-PRO, use our online contact form or phone Bill Dillard at 334.826.8008 x14.