Military-Grade Vehicle Inclinometer


MI-230S—an inclinometer designed specifically for the rugged conditions and environments of main battle tanks. Built to MIL-STD-810 specifications, MI-230S provides accurate roll and pitch data while retaining low size, weight, and power budgets.

Product overview

MI-230S is Archangel’s ruggedized inclinometer for the military vehicle marketplace. MEMS inertial sensors and signal processing leveraged from our aviation expertise form the core of MI-230S for accurate roll and pitch measurement. However, the enclosure and power management have been customized to meet MILSTD-810 requirements with minimum size, weight, power, and cost budgets.

Additionally, several features of the MI-230S design simplify the installation process. First, there is no need for in-field calibration. Second, the baseplate is keyed for accurate alignment to the vehicle axes. Third, all power and data connections are accessed through a single MIL38999 miniature connector. And fourth, all data are transmitted in digital form to support long wiring runs without compromising data fidelity.

When you combine the ease of installation with IP67-rated protection against water and dust, MI-230S is a cost-attractive option for any static inclination measurement application.


  • Digital outputs for roll and pitch
  • Built-in test algorithms
  • Mil Spec 38999 connector
  • IP67 enclosure


  • MIL-STD-810 environmental tests
  • Tested to Abram M1A vibration profiles


MI-230S is exportable to most countries worldwide without an end-user statement.

Product inquiries

For inquiries about MI-230S, use our online contact form or phone Bill Dillard at 334.826.8008 x14.