Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)


Focused and easy to use, the AHR75 brings high levels of safety and performance to cost-constrained projects.

Product overview

The AHR75 AHRS is designed specifically to provide high levels of performance at a low cost. In creating the AHR75, Archangel Systems uses a three-part design philosophy: technology, certifications, and ease of use.

First, the AHR75 uses technology including MEMS sensors, Archangel's AHR150A-2 magnetic sensing unit, and sophisticated blending algorithms to deliver "FOG-grade" performance at greatly reduced size, weight, and power. Second, the unit has a comprehensive list of certifications including FAA approval for Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 installations, DO-178C Level A (Mission Critical) software, and complete DO160E protections. Third, the AHR75 is easy to install and use. With multiple high- and low-speed ARINC 429 ports, the AHR75 directly integrates into modern architecture and functions seamlessly with Archangel's AHR150A-2 MSU.


  • Qualified for Mission Critical applications including IFR, SAR, and primary flight systems
  • Certified for Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 aircraft
  • Designed with low data latency for fly-by-wire aircraft
  • Directional Gyro meets TSO C201 H2H9 requirements
  • Angle rate limit options of ±128°/s, ±240°/s, and ±440°/s
  • User-programmable lever arms and orientation
  • Mil Spec 38999 filtered connectors


  • DO-178C Level A software (all functions)
  • FAA TSO C201
  • DO-160E Environmental certifications including EMI, EMC, and HIRF


The AHR75 system is exportable to most countries without an end-user statement.

Additional images

Alternate view of AHR75 AHRS


Product inquiries

For inquiries about the AHR75, please use our online contact form or phone Bill Dillard at 334.826.8008 x14.