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Archangel Systems, Inc. announces that its AHR75 AHRS product line has been expanded for use across the entire aviation market. Nine variants with unique maximum angle rates between ±128 and ±440 degrees/second are now available with no change to the installation process.

Archangel President, Kitty Greene says, “We released the AHR75 in 2014 as a highly pedigreed AHRS. Now it’s an equally versatile AHRS with performance options for a wider range of aircraft capabilities. Clients that manufacture or operate aircraft in multiple part number categories will particularly benefit. With one supplier, one installation procedure, and one cable harness design, they can meet all of their AHRS requirements in part 23, 25, 27, 29, and military trainers.”

Market analyses have identified four specific applications for AHRS like the AHR75. First, upgrades replacing DG/VG sets or end-of-life AHRS without a complete avionics overhaul. Second, upgrades of RVSM certificated aircraft where retaining the air data computer, and thereby the RVSM certification, is a cost driver. Third, OEM upgrades or new production requiring a compact AHRS with DO178C Level A (DAL A) software certification.  And fourth, highly dynamic aircraft like turbo and jet military trainers needing faster roll and pitch rates.

The AHR75 services these applications with very low size, weight and power budgets.  The two-box system consists of an Inertial Sensing Unit (ISU) and a remotely-mounted Magnetic Sensing Unit (MSU).  The ISU measures only 2.7” x 5.3” x 5.0” (H x W x D), and weighs 2.2 lbs. The MSU is 3" in diameter by 0.75" tall, weighs 0.5 lbs. The complete system weighs only 2.7 pounds and consumes less than 14 Watts.

Archangel Director of Sales and Marketing, Bill Dillard comments, “Our upgrade clients have made one thing very clear—they prefer drop-in replacement solutions. A drop-in reduces their labor costs, enabling lower cost bids while maintaining margins. Because the ’75 is so small, it easily fits in the space consumed by iron gyros and legacy AHRS with room to spare. Archangel provides a mating plate to create that drop-in scenario between the existing mounting point and the ’75.”

For compliance in mission-critical applications, the AHR75 has a high certification pedigree.  Software is certified per DAL A.  DO-160 environmental tests are comprehensive with aggressive category selections. The AHR75 is approved per C201, the FAA’s new TSO crafted specifically for modern AHRS approval per a rigorous test flight card.

Dillard adds, “Global economic conditions are driving dual use of civilian certificated avionics as a cost reduction tactic. But dual-use customers evaluate avionics against MILSTD protocols and non-civilian software certification procedures. Several such customers have given due diligence to AHR75 certification and Archangel’s Quality System. In every case, Archangel has met or exceeded their requirements. Our roster of dual use clients is growing globally on both rotorcraft and fixed-wing platforms.”

For technical information and pricing on Archangel’s products, contact Bill Dillard at (334) 826-8008 x14 or via our website at

Archangel Systems, Inc. is a private, closely held Alabama Corporation, headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. Formed in 1992, the company specializes in Inertial Sensing Systems & Solutions for Aerospace, Automotive, & Military applications. Areas of expertise include inertial sensor research, hardware & software development, as well as FAA certification of both hardware & software to any DAL criticality level. For additional information, please visit

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Stevens and Archangel

Stevens Aviation and Archangel Systems, Inc. have signed a dealer agreement that authorizes Stevens to sell, service, and install Archangel products. Bill Dillard, Archangel’s Director Sales and Marketing, said, “We are very pleased to have a company with Stevens’ reputation and scale in our dealer network.  The caliber of their workmanship and integrity are well known, and we are proud to be affiliated with them.”

The agreement focuses on Archangel’s sensors: the AHR150A Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) and the AHR75 Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS). Mike LaConto, Avionics Manager at Stevens – Greenville, South Carolina said, “Archangel is the newest addition to our vendor roster.  We are particularly drawn to the performance and low cost of the Archangel catalog for Part 25 IFR aircraft. It’s a game changer.”

About Stevens Aviation: Stevens is a leader in providing services for Beechcraft, Challenger, Cessna, Embraer, Gulfstream, Learjet, Piaggio and Pilatus aircraft among others. In addition, the company is a U.S. Government and International Government prime service provider on significant depot maintenance, modification and upgrade programs. Stevens offers expertise in the areas of aircraft maintenance, modification and refurbishment, aircraft sales, flight services, and fixed base operations. Stevens Aviation operates facilities in Greenville SC (GYH), Greer SC (GSP), Dayton OH (DAY), and Nashville TN (BNA).

Deb Bailey

Deb Bailey has joined Archangel Systems as a critical player in its marketing efforts. She started at Archangel in February 2013 as a part-time technical writing intern while completing her Master of Technical and Professional Communication at Auburn University. Her main duties then were proposal reviews and editing project reports.

Since graduating in August 2016, Deb’s role has escalated considerably. Bill Dillard, Director of Sales and Marketing says, “While Deb’s official title is Technical Writer II, she’s wearing many hats for Archangel. She crafts our marketing collateral, performs pre-sales market analyses, manages our social media and web presence, and is a driving creative force on everything marketing. She’s made herself quite valuable to us and we are happy to have her on board.”

As an example of Deb’s character, she also has a new role in the community. She now volunteers at the Lee County Humane Society on weekends.

Troup Brazelton, Kitty Greene, Michael Greene

October marks Archangel’s 24th year in the aerospace and military marketplaces. The company, founded October 1, 1992 in Auburn, Alabama by G. Troup Brazelton and Michael E. Greene, began as a developer of large format touch-screen displays, engine data systems, AHRS and air data systems for civil aviation. The focus was on experimental class aircraft.

In 2001, Archangel made the strategic decision to concentrate on highly certified sensor systems. Archangel now designs, develops and manufactures sensor systems for use in both fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft as well as ground vehicles. Its catalog of products contains air data, attitude and heading reference systems (ADAHRS), attitude heading reference systems (AHRS), precision inclinometers, autopilot controllers and cabin altitude/hypoxia warning systems.

Dr. Michael Greene, CEO says, “At Archangel we are dedicated to thinking out of the box such as combining MEMS sensors and sophisticated algorithms to achieve very high-level performance while at the same time reducing cost and size. It is for these reasons that the USAF has chosen us to design and produce systems for the F15.”

Among Archangel’s customers are Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, the US Air Force, Elbit Systems, Airbus Military, DRS, Erickson Air Crane, the Australian Army, Universal Avionics, and Aerosonic. Archangel products are in use on virtually every continent in fixed-wing, helicopter, tilt-rotor, and supersonic aircraft.

Pictured left to right: Troup Brazelton (founder), Kitty Greene (President), and Michael Greene (founder and CEO).

Monday, 14 March 2016 00:00

Archangel Awarded TSO for AHR75 AHRS

Archangel announces that it has received FAA TSO C201 approval to manufacture its newest product, the AHR75 Attitude Heading Reference System. The AHR75 AHRS is designed as a cost-effective primary source of attitude and heading data for both OEM production and after-market upgrades.

For OEMS, the principle benefits are budgets and pedigree. Size, weight, power, and price budgets are among the lowest in the industry. However, DO178C software certification is Level A - the highest level possible reserved for mission critical functions. TSO basis is the new C201, a much more stringent requirement for AHRS performance, particularly in rotorcraft.

In upgrade programs, the AHR75 addresses reliability and compatibility concerns head-on.  Mean time between failure is greater than 12,000 hours even in rotorcraft environments. And, all data inputs and outputs are per the ARINC 429 standard for AHRS, ensuring the greatest possible compatibility with existing avionics.

The FAA and EASA agree that all TSOs granted after March 2, 2016 apply bilaterally, so the AHR75 is certified in European aircraft as well.

AHR75 orders are being taken now with initial deliveries in late April. More information about the AHR75 and its potential value to you can be found at or by contacting Bill Dillard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..