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Thursday, 16 October 2014 17:54

Marenco's SKYe SH09 Helicopter has First Flight

Marenco Swisshelicopters, an Archangel Systems customer, completed the first flight of their revolutionary SKYe SH09 helicopter on October 2nd.  A brand new design with composite body, the SH09 uses Archangel’s AHR75 AHRS for attitude and heading data. The air data computer is from our friends at Aerosonic.

The prototype helicopter spent a total of approximately 5 minutes hovering 2 meters high at Marenco’s Mollis airport site. While the time spent airborne was limited, the tests did provide vital data on the helicopter’s reaction to in-flight structural stresses.  Subsequent test flights are scheduled to take place once the data have been analyzed.

Marenco will use build two additional SH09 prototypes, using all three in their EASA certification efforts. Certification is slated for 2016.  Marenco currently has over 50 units on back-order and predicts that production will eventually reach 80 per year.

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