Archangel Systems' management team has a combined industry experience of over 128 years. Under their leadership, Archangel has grown from "one man & his computer" to one of the industry leaders in Inertial Sensing Technology. Read below about some of our managers who have helped to put Archangel Systems on the cutting edge.

Michael E. Greene, Ph.D.

Chairman & CEO

Michael E. Greene, Ph.DAs Chairman and CEO of Archangel Systems, Dr. Michael Greene oversees the strategic planning for Archangel. In that capacity, he directs the management team in the implementation of strategies and policies that will enhance the company's competitive position as one of the leading developers of Inertial Sensing Technology in the world. Michael founded the company in 1992 to develop advanced instrumentation systems for the aerospace sector. His vision and direction have helped the company increase annual revenue at a rate of more than 50% per year for the last 3 years. Michael holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University. He has been a Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering for over 20 years and has published over 100 technical papers. He is a Senior Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) and Life AdCom member of the Industrial Electronics Society. He is also an instrument rated pilot. When he is not flying his V-35 Bonanza, Michael enjoys snow skiing and historic preservation.

Katherine S. Greene, Ph.D.

President & CFO

Katherine S. Greene, Ph.D.Katherine (Kitty) Greene is President and CFO of Archangel Systems. Responsible for contract management, accounting, & human resources, Kitty has been with the company since March 1996. Before working at Archangel Systems, Kitty was a Professor in the Psychology & Education Departments at Auburn University. She also has over 10 years of experience managing various programs and research projects for the State of Alabama. Kitty holds a doctorate degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Alabama. When she is not working, Kitty spends her time traveling, gardening, cooking, exercising, and restoring her 100+ year old house.

Victor S. Trent

Director of Engineering

Victor S. TrentAs Director of Engineering, Victor Trent has the pleasure of working closely with over 25 extremely talented engineering professionals as well as being part of the innovative management team at Archangel Systems, Inc. Mr. Trent, who has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering is actively involved in several exciting projects at Archangel: projects that include Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor development, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) hardware and software development, (commercial and military applications), IMU/GPS interfacing, as well as IMU development and implementation for automotive systems. Additionally, Mr. Trent is interested in the development of evolutionary algorithms for optimal state estimation.

Ronal E. Turner

Director of Quality

Ron Turner has over 25 years experience in industrial quality systems and ISO standardization. He has successfully led three separate companies through the start up, development and implementation process to achieve ISO 9001 certification. After working 20 years as the Director of Quality Assurance for the Thermo King Corporation, Ron became a consultant in ISO 9000-2000, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing processess, serving with various companies including Vapor Corp., Thermo King, DynCorp. and CSC. He is currently an ISO IRCA Certified ISO Lead Auditor and plans on becoming an IRCA Certified Lead Auditor in ISO A9100. Ron enjoys writing and has been published several times. When not working to improve quality systems you can find Ron riding the highways on his Harley motorcycle.

William C. Dillard

Director of Emerging Technology

William C. DillardAs Archangel's Director of Emerging Technology, Bill Dillard focuses on expanding Archangel Systems' market position through funded research opportunities. For example, Bill leads the engineering team in developing the control electronics for the MARS™ IMU. Other markets include counter-mine weapons, real-time prognostics and diagnostics for electrical and mechanical systems, as well as power electronics for battlefield applications. Bill graduated from Auburn University with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and joined Archangel Systems in 2005. His technical expertise is in micro- and power electronics. Bill has served as an instructor in Electrical Engineering at Auburn University and as a power electronics consultant. He is a member of IEEE and Finance Chair of the Applied Power Electronics Conference. Bill enjoys fly fishing and, despite his duffer status, a relaxing round of golf.

Ariel Greene

Director of Security

Ms. Greene has over 13 years experience providing security in both residential and commercial environments. She received an advanced degree in Olfactory Identification from D.O.G. College. Her specialty is identifying threats to Homeland Security. She is a member of the AKC, and enjoys running, ball sports, and interacting with small children.