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Archangel's core philosophy is simple: when you purchase our products, we serve as the Inertial-Sensing Division of your company. As such, we are committed to applying our knowledge and expertise to the benefit of our clients, including OEMs, Upgraders, and organizations facing issues with obsolescence.

We invite you to read some of the stories below to see how other companies have relied on Archangel.


Airbus Miltary C-212


C212 / OEM Client (AHR150A)

Airbus Defence and Space, a star in the massive Airbus constellation, manufactures a five-product catalog of military transport airplanes with the C212 transport being the most popular. In 2012, Airbus Defence and Space began a major C212 retrofit program to both enhance the aircraft and to transfer production to PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI).

After a thorough vetting of products and companies, Airbus Defence and Space selected Archangel and our AHR150A ADAHRS for the new C212 production model.

This selection was a major win with a truly global aircraft manufacturer.

Obviously, high levels of performance are required across all sectors of their supply chain experience, including purchasing, shipping, product functionality, installation, long-term support, repairs, and maintenance training.

The C212 award is further evidence of Archangel’s ability to compete for and win long-term production contracts with major OEMs, and we would like to do the same for you.