building.jpgArchangel Systems, Inc. is a private, closely held Alabama Corporation, headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. Formed in 1992, the company specializes in Inertial Sensing Systems & Solutions for Aerospace, Automotive, & Military Applications.Archangel Systems, Inc. Areas of expertise include sensor development, hardware & software development, as well as FAA certification of both hardware & software to the highest levels of criticality.


Other core competencies are Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Embedded System design & implementation. Archangel also has extensive experience in the design of specialty displays, bus systems, & sensors, including inertial measurement units (IMUs), air data attitude heading reference systems (ADAHRS), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) & rollover sensors.


Currently, Archangel is developing an innovative MEMS sensor (MARS™) under both DARPA & Navy funding & has previously produced an Inertial Measurement Unit (IM³™), in conjunction with the U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command.



U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers Touring Archangel Systems


Archangel was also part of an industry team which won NASA support for research, development, prototyping, & implementation of a Synthetic Vision System, intended to improve a pilot's situational and spatial awareness during low-visibility conditions.Archangel's principal value lies with: 1) its highly motivated & professional staff, with their accumulated technical knowledge & experience & 2) developed equipment, including a solid state ADAHRS (AHR150A). In addition, Archangel's dual status as both an ISO 9001 certified and as an FAA approved manufacturing facility holding a Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization is an invaluable resource.