Welcome from The CEO & Chairman of the Board

Dr. Michael Greene, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Welcome to Archangel Systems, Inc., a world leader in the development, manufacturing & application of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) Inertial Sensing Equipment & Systems.

As we begin 2013, our TSO (Technical Standards Order) approved MEMS based Air Data Attitude Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS): the AHR150A & AHR300A are quickly becoming the de facto standards for both air data & attitude data in aviation. Recent independent testing in aircraft ranging from light utilty to heavy lift helicopters to cabin class business turboprops & jets has clearly shown the superiority of our systems. Following this success , Archangel is introducing a new ADAHRS: the AHR800. The AHR800, designed for high performance supersonic jet fighters, can measure indicated airspeeds of up to 900 Kts. & body angular rates of up to 450 °/second.

Archangel is also pleased to offer its MEMS based AHR50, Attitude Heading Reference System, for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This micro AHRS measures only 1.2" by 1.8" by 1". Early in 2012, the AHR50 will be enhanced with the addition of an internal GPS receiver resulting in a new product: the INS50.

Archangel also manufactures a number of IMUs that are available for inclusion into third party products. These IMUs weigh less than 2 ounces & can be used for a variety of stabilization & pointing applications ranging from antennas to UGV/UWV.

On the research side, our patented MEMS Annular Rotating Sensor (MARS) promises to revolutionize the inertial sensing market by providing a six degree-of-freedom IMU in a single low power chip. Now in its 10th year of continuous development, MARS has been independently tested at angular rates up to 350°/second & is rapidly approaching the marketplace.

Archangel is committed to continuous improvement of its products, with the object of making systems more capable, easier, and safer to use, under a wide variety of conditions. As an ISO9001:2008 certified facility, Archangel is similarly committed to delivering the highest quality in its products, services, & customer support,.

We hope you will find our products & services of interest for your applications. Once again, welcome to Archangel Systems, Inc. where we strive for excellence through innovative research, design, development and manufacturing of value conscious products that we hope will exceed your expectations.


Michael E. Greene, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO